GMC organizes itself around its central business mission. While it is guided by a layered chart of functions, leadership is a shared task and responsibility. Directives handed down from management to ground levels are outcomes of regular and consistent dialogue, consultation, and consensus among executive officers, the technical team leaders, the operating divisions, and the labor pool. Meeting of minds is the desired agenda of every focus group meeting or urgency session. This kind of governance is practiced by the working President and CEO, who spends more days on the sites rather than in the corporate office, to personally oversee the flow of work in the various stages of the mining process. This influential work ethic cross-cuts the human fabric of the whole organization.

GMC is guided through all its processes from exploration to final raw or finished product processing by IT software and expert technical assistance. It operates a financial management system that adheres to Philippine laws and regulations governing bookkeeping, accounting and auditing, taxation, investments, and other financial transactions that are based on the principles of integrity, responsibility, transparency, and accountability.