GMC partners with heavy construction equipment lessors, land transport and shipping companies, and petroleum suppliers for its exploring, drilling, excavating, hauling, transport, and shipment activities for greater financial fluidity and operational leverage. Its partners in this supply chain include Monark Equipment Corporation, Maxima Steel Mills Corporation, Phil lua Shipping Lines, Caltex Philippines, and Shell Philippines.

As a trader and exporter of raw ore and processed pellets, it maintains collaborative partnerships with product processors like MCCI Corporation and China-based company Tewoo Metals International Trade Co., Ltd. It is currently seeking potential partnerships with Sino Metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

GMC is an industrial player and member of the Philippine Chamber of Mines through which it engages in technology and expertise exchange not only to power up its own personnel and technical capabilities but equally to gain competitive advantage on field. It partners with the Safety Organization of the Philippines in the rigorous implementation of Philippine and international standards, laws and regulations of safety on the mine sites.